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We are proud to let you know that our founder and president, Dr. Henrik Totterman was recognized last week by the program management at the Harvard Extension School / Harvard University for his teaching excellence. 

The program management expressed their congratulations and appreciation, as Henrik was among the select few to receive an instructor rating of 5.0 for spring 2021. Accordingly, out of 91 instructors that teach in the Management Program, a very small percentage receive ratings of this caliber.

Henrik is humbled and honored by this recognition, especially as it signifies his great passion for teaching, learning, and management consulting. Henrik started his graduate teaching and executive education career in 2003 and since then he has earned several international teaching and program design awards. 

As stated by Henrik, “Faculty performance is a team sport, where collegial backup plays a key role for individual success. To all my students, thank you for helping me grow and for allowing me to play a role in your learning journeys and successes! It’s a privilege to work with you. As always, Together We Can! “

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