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As one of the Big Four international accounting organizations, KPMG's network of firms in 147 countries, with over 227,000 employees, sees investments in talent development as key to ensure the skills gap is closed to create a workforce capable of moving the organization forward in delivering its business strategy. 

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Leadx3m contributed to KPMG's strategic talent development in Northern Europe by offering a program to develop strategic and creative leadership capabilities of their top talent and prospect partner candidates. Through our expertise in strategic thinking, creactive leadership, and business innovation, we designed a program specifically tailored to top performers in the Audit, Advisory, and Tax service lines. The preparation was done in close coordination with KPMG's top talent learning objectives, with the ambition to boost participants' awareness and competencies related to strategic agility and service design in action. With the emphasis on Leadx3m's signatory Creactive Leadership framework, we were able to develop the participants' innovation and leadership capabilities, both in terms of self-management and the engagement of others in creating and delivering high-performance outcomes. 


The participants and the executive in charge of the KPMG Top Talent Program valued the innovative leadership program. Accordingly, the content stimulated participants' interpersonal skills, and their ability to frame and deliver solutions to complex problems. In conclusion, we at Leadx3m see highly specialized top performers as a great source for future leaders, which is why it's a true privilege to work with companies like KPMG. Their organization and human resources see the true value and importance of investing in the cultivation of future leaders with a passion to make a difference now and in the future, together with others. 

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