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Tim is a software architect, computer scientist, and entrepreneur who completed his Ph.D. at Sydney University in 1996. Tim is an expert on algorithms: optimisation algorithms in general, and scheduling algorithms more specifically. He has also extensive experience in the psychology of software developers, and how to recruit and inspire them.


He has established six companies, all still operating: Edval Timetables Pty Ltd. is a Sydney-based company producing software for timetabling high schools. Established in 1998, Edval has 800 client schools and 35 employees. Tim is one of three founders. Edval grew out of Tim’s research into the high school scheduling problem, dating back to 1992. Edval is now making waves in the UK. Edval is Tim’s primary occupation right now. In addition, Tim is one of three founders of Skedgo Pty Ltd., which provides personalised trip planning and Mobility as a Service technology (“MaaS”), for leading start-ups, corporations and governments. Skedgo employs about 30 people across Australia, Argentina, Vietnam and Germany.


Tim was also one of the three founders, and former director, of SmartsGroup, a Sydney-based company which was sold to Nasdaq in 2010. SMARTS is the global leader in financial market surveillance systems, monitoring more than 1 out of every 3 trades made worldwide. SMARTS uses proprietary database technology and complex algorithms developed by Tim. He was also a key founding employee (but not a founder) of Brain Resource Company (BRC). BRC deals with vast amounts of data in the form of brain scan recordings. There are parallels between techniques used to process BRC data and those used to process SMARTS Group data. Tim has funded and project managed two companies in Timor-Leste (formerly East Timor).


He is also interested in languages and in addition to his native English he speaks Finnish, Tetun (East Timorese) and a few other languages.

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