Strategy and Transformation.

With our extensive experience as entrepreneurs, business professionals, and academics, we can guide your senior leadership and align concrete actions with the goals, vision, and the adaptive strategy within the institution.
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Contact us for more information.
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Strategy and vision formulation can stimulate an institution and we help you by formulating relevant goals and facilitating your articulation of them to key stakeholders. Our objective is to assist in decision-making, by helping your institution to choose between solutions, solve problems, and initiate motivating operational activities.

With several experts who specialize in digitalization, technology, and analytics, LEADX3M can help your institutions to improve oversight and decision making, optimize transformative value creation with key stakeholders in focus, and reimagine how AI and data can transform business and support human-centric interactions. We can help your institution speed up technology-driven change by designing strategic pathways, means of data collection, and help to implement new processes with the leaders of your organization. Overall, we expect to help your institution to adapt to stay relevant in these ever-changing times. 


What Value Can We Bring to Your Organization?

  1. Clarify the institution’s goals, to sharpen vision and/or strategy, to define opportunities, address improvement areas, critical factors, and key performance metrics.
  2. Enable creativity and activity from all participants to bring together important insights.
  3. Implement new processes and capitalize on key competencies and capabilities.  
  4. Decrease time and improve processes to solve issues within the institution.
  5. Develop a clear playbook and toolkit.
  6. Implement strategy through mapping and boundary-breaking scenarios. 
  7. Build new “internal products” such as IT systems and HR policies.
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