Strategy and Scenarios.

Our proven approach from the past 20 years draws from the functional areas of business, entrepreneurship, and design to collect insights needed to formulate action-oriented strategies to drive change and implementation, whether the focus is on business renewal or new business venturing. 

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Contact us for more information. 
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Strategy and vision formulation can engage a broad range of stakeholders in a stimulating, effective, and action-oriented fashion. We have extensive experience as entrepreneurs and are capable of guiding senior leadership in articulating goals as the basis for strategy formulation, business renewal, and growth. In our experience, a creative approach helps to align concrete actions with the goals, the vision, and the adaptive strategy while considering risks and various future scenarios. Our objective is to assist in decision-making, by helping your organization to choose between solutions, solve problems, and initiate motivating operational activities.

Our experts are experienced innovators and facilitators who work with organizations to develop new approaches to product development, service, marketing, and technology innovation. We are excited about digitalization and data analytics and how they offer improved oversight and decision making. Some our experts are data-solutions-focused professionals, with expertise in Advanced Analytics, AI, and Data Visualization. Others are strategic business leaders, entrepreneurs, and brand-builders with strong track records of successfully leading change and accelerating growth both globally and domestically in a variety of industries. 

What Value Can We Bring to Your Organization?

  1. Clarification of company goals, to sharpen vision and/or strategy, to define opportunities, address improvement areas, critical factors, and key performance metrics.
  2. Enable creativity and activity from all participants to bring together important insights.  
  3. Avoid risks of goal-oriented working by conducting proper team discussions.  
  4. Co-develop disruptive businesses with clients. 
  5. Increase speed to market. 
  6. Solve burning client problems.  
  7. Develop a clear playbook and toolkit.
  8. Define strategy using maps and boundary-breaking scenarios. 
  9. Build entirely new products and seek new sources of growth.
  10. Build new “internal products” such as IT systems and HR policies. 


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