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Sten Forseke, a serial entrepreneur that founded Greater Than 2004, was awarded the prestigious Q3 Prize in 2012 for Eco achievements in the transport industry. Sten completed DIHM bachelor’s degree in business management 1982 in Stockholm, Sweden. He spent the better part of his career in the automotive tech space, founding Berifors, an automotive electronics supplier in 1988. It later merged with Stoneridge Inc. and made an IPO on NYSE 1999. Thanks to strong leadership and lean management, he managed his businesses with higher than average profitability.


Sten founded Greater Than with the goal of making motoring safer, eco-friendlier and less costly; with the Greater Than’s recent launch of Enerfy digital car insurance, he is about to disrupt the auto insurance world. He views the environment an inherited precious gift that the current generation must take better care of. It's his experience that investments in environmental friendly actions reduce cost of operation and strengthen competitive advantage.


Sten speaks Swedish, English and German, and has elementary proficiency in French.

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