Patrick "Pata" Degerman

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Themes: The Uncomfortable truth on Climate Change | The Impossible Task of Mount SISU Antarctica -93.0 ° C Mental opening to new patterns of action and thinking Deep cooperation in the high mountains ” Climate change
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Patrick “Pata” Degerman is Finland’s only professional explorer and well-known e.g. motivational speeches . Pata has designed and led several expeditions that have taken the man to the very cold conditions in the polar regions, the deepest jungles in the world. Nine of these expeditions have been to unexplored areas. In addition to this, he has climbed about 200 mountains, 24 of which have been first climbs (including Mt Sisu , Mt Finland and Mt Finland in Antarctica).

Exploration trips and large projects from different organizations can be compared in many ways. Unknown things are often encountered, which requires new ways of working, teamwork and creative thinking to achieve the goal. Through Patrick “Pata” Degerman, through concrete and personal as well as fun-told and beautifully illustrated examples, listeners get to see opportunities for different patterns of action and thinking.

The absolute strength of Pata is the ability to combine their experience with the daily lives of organizations and employees. He has spoken to duunari in the cold industrial hall and to executives of listed companies at international events. The content of the lecture is smoothly adapted to customer events, the management team's strategy day, the staff kick-off or a large audience event.

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