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Change Management | Strategic Planning | Creativity & Innovation

Sample themes: digitalization and technology, creativity and Innovation, attitude and change
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Nan is a globally recognized strategist, analytics expert, engineer, transformation consultant, author, lecturer and speaker. She has 38 years of global profit and non-profit experience with startup and multinational organizations. Nan has authored a number of advanced structured analytic decision tools for business and spent the past five years leading the largest global analytics professional non-profit association.

Previous to that she led Philips Healthcare and Covidien Medtronic Strategy and Customer Insights. She is currently the Executive Director of SAIMAH [The Society of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare] as well as one of the founders of the Ticani Institute for Decision Support in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She consults to companies around the world facilitating customer education, focus groups, insight, and strategic scenario and M&A opportunity analysis programs.

Nan consults on organizational development for digital strategy, analytics, customer and competitive intelligence and strategy planning. She teaches strategic intelligence at the University of Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain each year. In 2017, she was appointed as the leading expert in analytics by the Beijing Innovation Center in Beijing, China.

A passionate driver of corporate social responsibility [CSR] and the use of supporting decision frameworks, she founded WISA [Women in Insights, Strategy, and Analytics] and Courageous Conversations. Nan has an undergraduate of Bridgewater University, an M.B.A. from USNH and a Post Graduate Certification in Strategic risk and Uncertainty from MIT.

She is a graduate of MIT professor, Peter Senge’s, Systems Thinking and Organizational Design Programs. Her articles and published papers have been featured in USA TodaySan Francisco Chronicle and The International Journal of Public Affairs.

Nanette's experience includes: 

  • Leadership roles in healthcare and other large multinational companies and associations
  • Clients include both entrepreneurially driven companies along with large multinationals

Topics ready for delivery:

  • Sample themes: attitude and change, innovation and creativity, society and future
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Build
  • Customer Insights and Competitive Intelligence
  • Structured Analytics
  • Strategic Planning Basics
  • Visualization and Impact Analysis
  • Curriculum and Content Strategy
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