International Growth.

Comprehensive strategic, market and competitor analysis to identify business opportunities and strategic alliances.
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New and rapidly transforming markets may offer tremendous opportunities, but also unexplored complexity and an unfamiliar competitive landscape. Fools rush in, while careful preparation takes into consideration risks and uncertainties related to competition, customers, business models, innovations, regulations, and emerging technologies. We assist international leaders with experimenting, creating meaning, and building self-organizing networks in anticipation of the unexpected. 

As a Boston based international growth partner, we offer a three-step internationalization program to our clients. The program is designed to grow your business through new market entry and/or expansion. It prepares effectively for the process of connecting with stakeholders in the target market to start building a successful sales pipeline from the start. Our Founder, as well as other experts in our community, have extensive experience in successfully leading companies to enter into new markets


What Value Can We Bring to Your Organization?

  1. Help you to experiment, create meaning, and build self-organizing networks in anticipation of the unexpected when entering new or transforming markets.
  2. Grant access to new regions, with specialty in entering into North America and Nordics.
  3. Provide customized services for business leaders.
  4. Set your company up for success in complex and competitive markets through a step-by-step process taking into consideration uncertainties, risks, and learning.
  5. Build a customer pipeline.
  6. Provide local expertise on market conditions with feet-on-the-ground enabled by our international expert community.
  7. Shine focus on regional potential clients, suppliers, financiers, regulators, and other stakeholders. 

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