Henrik Totterman, D.Sc.

Strategy | Leadership Development | Innovation | Intrapreneurship | Higher Education

Sample themes: attitude and change, creativity and innovation, growth and development
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Dr. Henrik Totterman is an international entrepreneurial leader and global business school executive. He has over 20 years of experience developing his own ventures and advising others, while living in Finland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Australia, before moving to Boston USA in 2010. 

Henrik founded his first company at the age of 19 and served over 10 years as a board executive in the family business, making him a 5th generation entrepreneur. He has also worked as a university and business school senior executive for over 10 years in total. This unique background enables him to combine academic concepts with business, exemplified by the work we at LEADX3M LLC are doing when renewing and building new businesses for organizations across the world. 

He is a professor of Practice Entrepreneurship and Management at Hult International Business School (Former Dean and Executive Director), and a teaching faculty member at Harvard University Division of Continued Education. In terms of volunteering, Henrik is an Advisory Board Member at ACCION East, Correspondent and Ambassador of Radio Business FM 89.7MHz, and Member of Executive Education Board at Hanken School of Economics, and Former Board Member of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce.

Henrik's experience includes:

Topics ready for delivery:

  • Attitude and change, creativity and innovation, growth and development
  • Preparing and Implementing the X3M Strategy Canvas
  • Nurturing a Culture of Engagement and Intrapreneurship
  • Preparing Successful Market Validation and Entry
  • Creating Next Generation Business Models
  • Business Renewal and New Business Venturing
  • Design Thinking for Social Impact
  • CreActive Companies and Their Leaders

Things said about Henrik:

"Best Mentor and an amazing person, would love to work under his guidance."

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and always be willing to help."

"Excellent coach and professor, he guided us in every step of the process."


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