Henri Hyppönen

Creative Director Non-fiction writer

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The time to play on the safe is over. It is time to create something new and define your own future. The digital world has brought new opportunities for success to everyone. We only lack the ability to identify relevant issues that are waiting to be resolved. Instead of repeating the usual practice, companies should constantly look for challenges that have not yet been identified. By solving these challenges, we create something new, create value, grow the company and, above all, define our own future.

In  his speeches Henri Hyppönen , a non-fiction writer and creative director,  discusses creativity, artificial intelligence and the most important skills of future working life. He gives his listeners the tools to navigate successfully in times of transition and to create something new through critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Uncertainty can be met by choosing one’s perspective on the future - and creating it yourself.

Through pertinent examples, he demonstrates digital thinking, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, and an exponentially growing amount of knowledge challenging human thinking. He talks about a new kind of creativity in the use of data.

Now is man’s best time to be alive because man has influence, and technology makes things possible in unprecedented ways.

In his optimistic future-oriented speech, Hyppönen speaks about digitalisation, the transformation of working life, and issues related to robotization. In his speeches, he highlights the future of learning and work from a variety of exciting perspectives.

“In the future, those who know how to solve creative problems and think critically and who are socially intelligent will succeed,” concludes Hyppönen.

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