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We help executives grow professionally and personally, by developing skills needed to manage people and modern organizations in a complex and competitive environment.
Contact us for more information.  US
Contact us for more information.  US
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It is easy to fall into the status quo and to develop a “business-as-usual” approach. But with the business world constantly adapting, it is important for business leaders to do the same. Our expert community and coaches engage in a limited number of 1-on-1 coaching relationships, which aim to support senior executives and top emerging talent. These meetings prepare leadership for change management and focus on improving performance in a given area: e.g. leadership, financial literacy, etc. Coaching is essential for competence and professional development. Using a variety of tools and assessments, our coaches can help you to better understand your behaviors, leadership style, goals and actions, recalibrate your strategies, and develop a growth mindset to help you pivot and motivate in any situation. 

Additionally, our experts have extensive experience in entrepreneurship and can help your company succeed in creating a Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, an out-of-the-box thinker trained in discovering new ways to combine resources and expertise. This position could bring great value to your organization by building career paths for entrepreneurial talent through cross-organizational training, mentorship, support, coaching, and teaching best practices to foster excellence. Through our academic foundational knowledge and practical implementation experience, we know how to educate non-entrepreneurs to adopt growth mindsets. It is time for your company to give entrepreneurship a seat at the table and give it as much importance as your other company functions.  


What Value Can We Bring to Your Organization?

  1. Create heightened self-awareness and empathy for employees.
  2. Improve self-regulation, cognition, and motivation within the organization.
  3. Improve leadership abilities and incentivization. 
  4. Increase engagement and empowerment.
  5. Invest in employees which helps to retain them.
  6. Identify organizational and individual strengths. 
  7. Bring value to your organization by developing change-management and entrepreneurial thinking.

For more information on our Executive Coaching please contact solutions@leadx3m.com


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