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Nurture your excellence in delivering action learning a business education context.

This training is designed to support faculty teaching excellence in a rapidly evolving pedagogical teaching-learning environment. Participants are expected to possess a genuine motivation and commitment to invest in their own teaching talent, and also an interest to develop institutional teaching and learning capabilities.
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We welcome all faculty members with different academic, personal, and professional backgrounds, who teach or intends to undergraduates or masters level students at a university or college internationally. 

The objective of this training is to enhance quality teaching and learning in higher education. The 5-module program builds on an engaging mix of concepts and practice that prepares faculty participants to tach in highly interactive and diverse learning environments. This is an intensive faculty development program, where training providers with recognized educational expertise assists participating faculty to reflect and develop their personal teaching capabilities. Our participants are faculty from all over the world who represent a rich flora of teaching experience and techniques. Thus, suggestions, active exchange of ideas, and learning will support improvement of teaching skills and techniques among participants.  The emphasis is on implementing effective teaching techniques, styles, methods and formats in different contextual settings (audiences, and large/small audiences). 

Why Chose this Training? 

  • Training that offers ideas, suggestions, and techniques to improve teaching skills

  • Exchange ideas and learn from peers

  • Integration of content with other subject areas (Holistic approach) in line with desired learning outcomes  

  • Offers tools and techniques: presentations, lectures, case discussion, use of simulations, media.

Our training providers have a long track record from coaching Professors who educate future leaders and develop capabilities to, analyzing and solving complex problems. In most business schools a holistic, helicopter perspective is often not accomplished. Instead learning cumulates on a course-by-course basis with limited integration on program level. The success of the training builds precisely on integrated action learning, and on insights from experienced and committed training providers.


Key Takeaways From this Training:

1. Increased knowledge on a range of teaching/learning principles, tools and techniques.

2. Have enhanced your capabilities at teaching and interacting with different audiences so as to enhance their leaning. 


The program fits 15-30 participants (1-2 presentation groups). Masterclass: pre assignment: Individual pre-assignment: creation and/or development of a new/existing course in interaction with assigned coach. Peer observation of someone teaching.

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