Creative Leadership & OPTO

Unleashing your people's full potential to renew and create new business opportunities by learning how to build a scalable ecustomer oriented culture as a foundation for self-leadership and result driven engagement.

Included: OPTO - Personality Test
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Price On Request
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This training assists in scoping and implementing intrapreneurial thinking and creative leadership capabilities in your organizational setting and can be delivered online, onsite, or offsite, you can see sample topics below and choice of duration that suits your needs.

Topics Covered: 

  • Address critical business issues and problem solving using creative and profit-centric methodologies.
  • Elevate the organization to overcome challenges and capitalize on continuous transformation.
  • Boost business and value drivers to produce greater revenue and larger profits.
  • Support sustainable growth by the organization and accelerate the development of employees and stakeholders. 

Why choose this Creative Leadership offering? 

  • Well structured corporate intrapreneurship program aligned with strategic objectives.
  • Exclusive discussions with mentors and experts.
  • Access to personalized online resources and a network of seasoned business experts. 
  • Progress support and milestone feedback.
  • The expansion of commercially-viable product and service offerings.
  • Strengthening your organizational culture.
  • Achievement of the organization's key performance indicators. 
  • Content and Mentoring:
    14 weeks to create a new venture, 2 days off-site and 6 in-person (virtual) workshops, 3 milestone pitches, and 36 hours of coaching and consulting. 

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