BAC - Business America Certification

Has your organization recently considered expanding to North-America?

You'll need a regional partner who trains and advises you in preparing for explorative and cost effective market validation, market entry, and market expansion.
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This program supports business expansion through market entry and the aim is to prepare foreign company executives and their organization to effectively plan and manage the process of connecting with stakeholders in the target market and build a successful pipeline. 

Specially designed to: 

  • Help build a comprehensive foundation for expanding into the U.S market.
  • Identify critical business issues and formulate questions for the client company.
  • Challenge the organization to a stronger expansion focus.
  • Boost understanding of business and value drivers in the U.S market. 
  • Support the transformation as the business goes from regional to international.
  • Enhance networking and cross-border cooperation. 

The certification consists of three modules with the following outcomes;

  1. Market Validation: Clients and their support team are able to make a weighted decision on how to launch in the U.S. 
  2. Market Entry: Learning to make connections with key stakeholders and assistance in preparing marketing materials, and readiness to build an initial sales pipeline to test the market.
  3. Market Penetration: Establishing clients as a strong US based business entity and building a core team of key employees.

Why choose BAC?

  • Expert advice with clear guidance for market validation and entry.
  • Key insights to becoming independent in managing an international enterprise. 
  • A handpicked LEADX3M expert to guide the process, with full disclosure.
  • Learning a step by step process of market entry and considering uncertainties, risks, and learning all while the customer pipeline is being build.
  • A comprehensive foundation for expansion.
  • Enhanced networking and cross-border cooperation. 

This training can be delivered online, onsite, or offsite, to suit your needs . For more information and to schedule a FREE consultation please click here 

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