Anssi Rantanen

Growth Expert, Entrepreneur, Country Director of Growth Tribe

Themes: Future success and self - development How can I benefit from adversity and an uncertain future? / What can we learn from the best teams in the world? | What do the world’s best sales teams do differently? | What can we learn from self-directed self-management? | What do the world’s best sales teams do differently? | Multiplying your own impact
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Anssi Rantanen is an entrepreneur, ex-Google and growth strategist who became one of the most sought-after speakers in Finnish business after winning the  Nordic Business Forum  speaker competition in spring 2019. During his career, Anssi has researched and experienced how the world's best organizations work in sales, marketing and teamwork. and leadership on the playing field. He distributes his teachings to audiences in an inspiring way, combining researched knowledge and personal stories into a whole from which the audience receives concrete tools for developing their own work and skills.

Anssin's Most Asked Speeches directly answer the questions on the surface right now: How to lead yourself and succeed in the future? How does the growth mindset help in the midst of uncertainty? And what can we learn from the best teams in the world and how to put the lessons into practice in our own doing?

Anssi talks to audiences about the most important meta-skills of the future; to learn about learning, the growth mindset and future working life skills. He gives the listener concrete advice on how to enable the creation of a culture that supports growth in organizations and raises reflection on their own ways of doing things and what can be done better and how.

As a speaker, Anssi is inspiring, knowledgeable and keeps the audience in touch. The way Anssi combines his vision of the future with an understanding of the drivers of scalable growth, the utilization of technology, and humanity awakens individuals, teams, and companies to look at their own potential from a new perspective. Anssi encourages everyone to try boldly, make agile decisions and learn constantly.

“On our way from a traditional broadcaster to a streaming video provider, it is essential to get a world class inspiration and practical tips and tactics on how to drive our Transformation. Anssi and his Speeches are full of energy, and his message is extremely strong, applicable and important. His Speeches really wake you up and positively Brainwash you. If you want your organization to move to the next level, call for Anssi! ”

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