Accreditations: Institutions and Programs.

Our accreditation mentoring can help your institution overcome obstacles and achieve desired credentials. We also warmly welcome you to seek membership, validation, and accreditation from our strategic partner, the Business Graduate Association (BGA).  As a member of the association, you will gain access to an extensive international network of business schools and be supported to increase your institution’s impact. 

Contact us for more information.
Contact us for more information.
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With our hands-on style and dedication, we will help your school or program become accredited by advising on required documentation. We can help your institution with drafting and editing accreditation audits and assessments to realize your strengths and address priority areas of continuous improvement.  Our team can conduct on-site assessment rehearsals to help your institution practice and feel secure in the preparation process. In addition to giving guidance for peer reviews, our firm can conduct a gap analysis to indicate with clarity what needs to be implemented to meet the desired standards of the accreditation boards.

What Value Can We Bring to Your Organization?

  1. Save time and resources by focusing on the key needs to meet accreditation standards.
  2. Increase institution status, brand recognition, and reputation.
  3. Increase networking pool.
  4. Increase access to resources.
  5. Become a member of the international BGA community.
  6. Preparation and rehearsal.


Regulator and Accreditor Experience:
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