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  • At Leadx3m, we have a global mindset coupled with a strong regional touch. And that's our greatest asset. We are driven by differences in our origins, experiences, and creative minds.

    Every client assignment commences from understanding the culture, context, and vision. We tailor solutions and provide responsive management practices.

    As life-long learners and professionals with an international focus, we strive to solve big issues through analysis, research, and relationship building. 

  • Problem we're solving

    At best, organizations are characterized by orderly result orientation, which is governed by an effective management system.
    This is, at least, how it should be when risks are accounted for and uncertainty has not caused any major surprises. Maintaining this stability as well as the alignment of strategy and corporate culture is increasingly hard, and for many corporations, the way forward is to unleash employees and external partners through what we call creactive leadership. At best, creactive leadership provides clear parameters and minimal bureaucracy while setting clear expectations for acceptable behavior and outcomes.


    What if you could generate the following bottom line benefits:

    • Increase market share and profits by nurturing a customer problem centric culture (sales & satisfaction)

    • Recruit, train and retain the best talent (retention & spend)

    • Develop new products and services by enganging people on all levels (strategic & operational)

  • Our Services

    Helping knowledge-based businesses grow and succeed!


    Your International
    Growth Partner.

    Our business design services help your business with real-time research and internal/external audits. Supported by our well established and proven practices, we provide valuable input to business design / redesign processes. We deliver also validation briefs and action plans to align your people for engaging implementation.


    Your People 

    Our talent sourcing services offer access to a certified and registered talent sourcing partner, whose recruitment process focus on reducing cost and risk while increasing efficiency when recruiting executives, middle-management, or specialists. We provide access to an easy to use platform and GDPR compliant HR-assessment tools.


    Your Talent

    Our training services support your investments in leadership development. We provide access to award winning experts as trainers and keynote speakers for workshops, summits and conferences. We specialize in business acumen and creactive leadership, executive coaching, and hybrid style certifications.

  • How we can work together

    Full business design

    6 WEEKS+

    We take you through our full creactive leadership framework, including audits, assessments, and a detailed validation report with concrete actions for training and implementation.


    Grad consulting - talent sourcing

    4-6 WEEKS with hiring option

    We support every year a small number of handpicked young graduate professionals from diverse backgrounds, who investigate and solve pressing business challenges for executive and business owners, while being mentored by seasoned experts. Executives have the opportunity to test and hire selectively for extended internships or full-time employment.

    Talent assessment

    2 DAYS +

    We offer a range of certifications in data-driven talent management and assessment test usage, and our certified experts can also manage your assessment process for recruitment and leadership development.

    Leadership training

    2 DAYS+

    Depending on your training needs, we can tailor one-off content by matching experts, themes and practices with your training objectives and desired mode of delivery.

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