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  • As a Management and Education Consulting firm with a global mindset, our diverse industry experts assist Knowledge-Based Businesses to enter new markets successfully as well as continue to grow through talent investment, market validation, and lead generation.


    Our other strategic offerings include talent consulting services and services specializing in business and management education.

  • Growth & Strategy Consulting

    Auditing, New Market Entry, and Strategy Services

    High-Performance Capabilities

    Auditing, New Market Entry, and Strategy Services

    Business & Management Education

    Accreditation, Curriculum, and Strategy-related Services

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    Under our Capabilities services, our expert community of business executives, business advisors, and professors offers consulting, tailored executive coaching, keynotes, masterclasses, and workshops.


    Henrick Totterman - Speaker

    Henrik Totterman, D.Sc.

    Strategy | Leadership Development | Innovation | Intrapreneurship | Higher Education


    Sample themes: Attitude and Change, Creativity and Innovation, Growth and Development

    Joanne Markow - Expert

    Joanne Markow

    Story Building | Team & Organizational Growth | Creative Strategy


    Sample themes: Growth and Development, Digitalization and Technology, Attitude and Change

    Beat Buhlmann - Expert

    Beat Buhlmann

    Digital Transformation | Productivity and Communication | People Management & Development

    Sample themes: Digitalization and Technology Leadership, Communication and Development

    Renzo Casapia - Expert

    Renzo Casapia

    Technology | AI | Big Data | Leadership | Blockchain | Academia

    Sample themes: Digitalization & Technology Sales & Marketing, Leadership

    Kristen Anderson

    Kristen Anderson

    FinTech | Product Development | Startup | Venture Capital Fundraising

    Sample themes: Entrepreneurship, Attitude and Change, Digitalization, and Technology

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