• Together. We Can!

    At LEADX3M, we apply a Globally Domestic mindset. And that's our greatest asset. We are driven by differences in our origins, experiences, and creative minds. Every client assignment commences from understanding the culture, context, and vision.















  • We prefer to work in diverse teams.

    • We are known for providing our services with a smile.
    • We learn from each other and our stakeholders.
    • We have no tolerance for inequality or behind the back politics.
    • We maintain a low hierarchy and value result-driven self-leadership.
    • We remain competitive by incentivizing collaboration.
    • We build long-term client relationships.
    • We invest in competence clusters, verticals, and volunteering.

    Based in Boston and always close to you.

    Our experts live mostly in U.S. and also in Latin American, Australasia, and Europe. We are seasoned business travelers and experienced in facilitating client assignments also in hybrid and online format. Our extended professional networks contain thousands of international business professionals, subject matter experts, and professors.


        Joyfulness spreads across borders.

        We strive to be a goal-driven, yet joyful international partner and place to work. In fact, joy is a key driver for all our activities, from recruitment decisions to career advancement, and particularly key in all our client relations both regionally and around the world.

        Get excited by grad consulting.

        Grad Consultants work as a small management consulting practice where each client assignment and graduate is backed up by an expert and advisory group. Companies and institutions based around the world can work productively with the next generation of international professionals.

        Working in our growing team.

        We at LEADX3M seek continuously self-motivated business professionals to support our client projects. Start your application process by submitting your CV.


        We believe to be a different type of employer:

        • Opportunities to develop and specialize.
        • An international client base in terms of location and people.
        • Work-life balance is maintained by tracking working hours.
        • Our Experts and team set their level of engagement.
        • Our Mantra: "Sharing, Caring, And Daring To Have Real Impact. Together. We Can!"
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