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  • Certification Model


    Phase 1:

    Intro to testing & user certification online self-study

    2-3hrs generic

    1.5-3hrs test specific


    Phase 2:

    User certification

    online self-study & exam

    2-4hrs test specific

    + final exam


    Phase 3:

    Practitioner Class + Master Classes 

    After certification Master Classes free of charge

  • Select Your Certification Program

    TAC - Talent Acquisition Certificate

    Certificate in Data-Driven Hiring and Structured Recruiting

    TAC is a module-based digital self-study in data-driven hiring best practices and structured recruiting. On completing the online course, you will receive an official Talent Acquisition Certificate.

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    OPTO - Personality Test

    Super User Certification

    OPTO is a personality test based on the Big Five model that measures the most important dimensions of personality for performance and job success. After completing your final exam, you will receive an official OPTO Test User Certificate.

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    EASI - Typology Test

    Super User Certification

    EASI is a typology test that measures psychological traits. The test has been developed for personality testing for learning and development purposes. After completing your final exam, you will receive an official EASI Test User Certificate.

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    BRIGHT - Customer Service Test

    Practitioner Workshop

    BRIGHT is a test that measures customer-service related attitudes and behaviours. Use BRIGHT to screen in the best candidates quickly and efficiently when you recruit. An online instructor-led session that focuses on how customers can improve their workflows with BRIGHT. We organize workshops on a monthly basis, once signing up we will send you specific upcoming dates.

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  • Assessing for Recruitment and Leadership Development

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