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    Our education services help management and business school executives with accreditation, curriculum, and strategy-related assignments.

  • LEADX3M offers services specializing in the quality enhancement of business and management education. By partnering with Business Graduates Association (BGA) we help ensure business schools innovate and venture beyond conventional means of teaching.


    Our education consulting services help Provosts, Directors, and Deans who want to enhance their institution’s capabilities, audit their current state, obtain accreditations, and improve program and curriculum offerings by implementing strategy, transformation, and meeting certification qualifications.

  • Educational Services Include:

    Institutional Audits.

    A comprehensive deep-dive into the strategic, market, and competitive analysis of the academic institution and industry by assessing the business model, reputation, enrollment, compliance competencies, resources, and risks in order to create a foundation for future growth, shifts, and market penetration.​

    Strategy and Transformation.

    Our strategy and transformation approach allows institutions to drive change and implement digitalization, data analytics, and technology when helpful. We see the need to have agility in the ever-adapting business world as vital in order to stay relevant and proficient.

    Accreditations: Institutions and Programs.

    Our accreditation mentoring and preparation solution can help your institution with documentation advice, drafting/editing accreditation audits, and assessments, enacting an on-site assessment rehearsal, giving guidance for peer reviews, and conducting a gap analysis to ensure that you meet and exceed the desired standards.

    Program Design and Curriculum Development.​

    Assist your organization in designing relevant and proficient programs and curriculum to meet academic standards and student expectations.

    Executive Coaching.

    Our executive coaching approach allows for individuals to thrive and become more effective leaders through introspection, assessments, and goal & strategy planning that training does not always allow for.















    EMBA style Disruptive Business Models course,

    with executives from Apple and Tigerspike,

    Hult Summer School at Cooper Union in NYC.

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