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  • The Business Design Process

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    We take pride in truly grasping the client reality before helping to shift the collective innovativeness and intrapreneurial behaviour to a higher level to have impact on key performance metrics.


    We acknowledge that behavioral change of this sort demands adaptive solutions, i.e. organizational learning. We tailor a process together with our clients with engaging practical learning at the core of individual employee, team, and organizational level transformation.


    We test and validate assumptions, processes and methods that enable innovation to be fostered and rewarded, and propose modifications to the organization structure to support the process changes.


    We facilitate formal conversations at different levels in the organization to instill the belief and overcome the resistance that is sure to surface, and provide continous support to the ongoing process.

    Business Design Process

    We advise product, service, and solutions businesses, governments, and non-profits on the impact and implementation of creative leadership, business model innovation, and how to address current and future challenges.

  • I’ve been helping organizations innovate and succeed rapidly with design sprints since 2014. I’ve collaborated with teams to solve problems and uncover new opportunities for product development, marketing campaigns, trade shows, HR processes and store experience design.

    Dan Weingrod, Expert

  • Do you have a future mindset? Challenge yourself / your team!

    In the next ten years, the rise of new exponential technologies will change economics and daily life around the world. Making sense of the possibilities and experiences that a new world of mobility, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence will bring requires a future mindset that can understand and act in rapidly shifting digital contexts, organizations, and technologies.


    Innovation, driven by knowledge-based businesses is now at the core of wealth generation and growth, but also in driving elegant and sustainable solutions to significant problems in our societies, industries, enterprises, and among consumers. Seeing opportunity in uncertainty and being able to adapt and act in rapidly changing contexts requires a certain mindset and skillset. Having the confidence to define assumptions, experiment with new things, and verify findings or fail fast is essential.