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  • Drivers of Insight

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    Our Experts

    The Leadx3m experts bring a unique mix of industry, subject matter and regional expertise to client assignments, and they are aligned to serve clients through commonly recognized processes and practices.

    Impactful Positioning

    We are strategically positioned and actively engaged both regionally and internationally. This enables us to identify signals, explore emerging issues and trends, and define systematic structures and drivers.

    Verifying Assumptions

    We test and validate assumptions, processes and methods that enable innovation to be fostered and rewarded.

    Creactives in Action

    We are experts in collecting scientific evidence, narrative thinking, and association to drive innovation sometimes across seemingly disconnected contexts.

  • Our brains are not very adept at changing. We understand the need for change, but just thinking about the time it will take, the difficulties we will face, and the risk of failing to ultimately change anything makes many of us give up before we even start.

    Renzo Casapia, Expert

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