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  • The Discipline of Creating


    People, projects and roles change more rapidly than ever before within and between organizational boundaries. The global business landscape is increasingly unpredictable and companies are struggling to survive, or the very least to sustain a stable growth and stimulating working environment when new technologies and global uncertainties have immediate regional impact. Goes without saying that continuous changes in the talent pool causes knowledge loss and stress among those who need to keep delivering on time and in line with strategic objectives. Creactive companies and leaders do things slightly differently, they apply a data driven leadership approach to attract, nurture, engage, and depart from talent with a long term mindset.

    The question is do you want to foster high performance leadership, and next...

  • Continuous transformation is the new normal for the majority of organizations and creactive leadership is the vehicle that turns individual competences into team, unit, and business wide assets in the benefit of the organization and its customers.

    Dr. Henrik Totterman, CEO and Expert

  • Working with executives from Pöyry Plc. exemplified that the expectations and goals for any corporate leader remain largely the same despite disruption: to ensure sustainable and continuous success by encouraging innovation, fine-tuning existing business and encouraging the organization to implement change in line with strategic objectives. However, the 60-year-old public company had to rediscover its entrepreneurial origins as a source of energy and belief in an 'intrapreneurial' future to gradually turn around the multinational, knowledge-intensive company with 5,500 highly competent employees scattered all around the world.


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