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    We are experts in developing high-performance organizations and expanding individual capabilities. Self-motivated creative leaders are in high demand, and we are here to help build those leaders.


    Our capabilities services, including certifications, keynotes, workshops, and masterclasses. We help knowledge-based businesses who want to grow by investing in their most important asset, their people. All courses can be tailored from half-day executive style workshops to full-length graduate-level courses. 


    Our partnership with Master HR helps companies develop, deliver, implement and support a complete suite of online HR tools that make you an expert in the strategic acquisition, recruitment, and development of talent.

  • Certifications

    We offer certifications crafted by our own experts and strategic partners

  • Keynotes

    Keynotes are tailored and can be scheduled <60 minutes

  • Workshops

    Workshops are tailored, duration between 1-3 hours 

  • Masterclasses

    Masterclasses are tailored, duration between 4-6 hours 

  • CapabilitiesThemes!

    Our most requested speaker and coaching topics. 

  • Top Talent Training

    KPMG "LEADX3M designed and delivered an innovative leadership module for the KPMG Top Talent Program. The content stimulated participants' interpersonal skills, and their ability to frame and deliver solutions to complex problems." Maria Aaltonen Former Head of Human Resources, KPMG - Finland 


    Global Partners Inc.“LEADX3M is a resource that successfully leverages extensive experience in academic and educational arenas to assist companies and institutions in reaching their goals.“ Paul R. Sullivan, Founder and former Managing Director, Global Partners Inc.

  • Faculty of the year Henrik Totterman
    EMBA class of 2020
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