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Do you sometimes wonder why people at work don't understand or engage with the corporate strategy? Listen to our latest report capturing experiences from drafting and implementing one page strategies to communicate effectively internally and with ket stakeholders. As always, Together We CreAct!

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Hi this is Henrik Totterman, thanks for listening to Radio LeadX3M. Today I will speak about my experiences related to one-page strategies, and why I think they are particularly useful for international business and communications.

You have most certainly heard before the comment, which origins are still up for big debate: ”If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” In any case, I think it fits perfectly to describe a company’s strategy preparation process, and the communication of the final outcome to internal and external stakeholders.

A one-page strategy does not compensate for the preparatory work, but the invested time to crystallize its essence is immensely valuable. There is no way to hide behind long and complex sentences, instead the author needs to carefully consider the vision and desired objectives, and how these can be expressed clearly, concisely, and in a meaningful manner on one page. What is great, when a strategy is well drafted, different stakeholders associate with it and are able to enact effectively its underlying meaning.

Lets go back in time approximately 15 years, when I was still actively engaged in organizing the McKinsey initiated a business idea competition called Venture Cup. Back then a 20-page long business plan was the norm, both for start-ups and established businesses.

Around the same time, an international business consultant taught me the secret behind creative workshops and the crystallization of impactful strategies.

Not that long after, I faced an incredible fortune and was asked to facilitate the strategy revision process for a Nordic investment bank. I was bold enough to recommend to their leadership that we apply an engaging strategy process, which they agreed fitted well with their corporate culture. In the first phase the entire organization gathered for a few days to define focus areas, by applying their first hand experience, storytelling, and lots and lots of post-it notes and other exploratory tools.

Following this, the leadership under my guidance crystalized a great strategy, which was widely shared within the organization and among stakeholders. I believe the bank’s continuous success depends on their engaging culture, clear communications and practical approach to strategy.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested to learn more about engaging processes, crystalizing one page strategies, and implementing these domestically or internationally. Consider also how you can engage as a leader, or how you can as a team member engage and impact the future of your employer.

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