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As you may have noticed, the world and many of our friends seem to have split somewhat into two negative camps: one is practically for Covid-19 restrictions and the other rages against.

I remain one of those who continue to see vast opportunities for creativity, innovation, and development of industry, enterprises, and lives of consumers, especially in technologically advanced societies driven by creative leadership.

Sitting at home doing nothing productive as a student, employee, pensioner, entrepreneur, or unemployed sounds wasteful, but what if time is used for something meaningful and productive?!

As a Professor based in Boston, I have students attend my classes from all continents. 60% are physically in class with proper social distancing in place and the rest ZOOM in from their home countries.

One of my former MBA students leads an Edtech firm with customers in 140+ countries and counting. She is building her team by hiring talent globally after giving up the physical headquarters.

I also just heard of an online platform being established where pensioners can mentor and teach their limitless skills to others and get compensated, etc.

We need more of this type of positive thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. There must be a balance between closing and opening parts of our society for the time being. Personally, I regard social distancing, wearing masks, and regular testing as a small sacrifice, if it allows a fairly normal life for the time being.

I am currently conducting a small study on Linkedin with 355 respondents to date, out of these the vast majority have kept their jobs during the pan epidemic (174), a remarkable number have gotten new jobs despite the situation (94), and the remaining are still looking for a place to work (87). At the same time as I commit myself, I call out to my network to help in any way possible, because Together We Can!

For instance, LEADX3M is always on the lookout for analysts, consultants, and experts to support our fantastic customer base. Our clients are also expanding and looking for people to support their entry and future growth.

Think positive dear friends. Let’s help the world to see the future as well!

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