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About the opportunity

Help client organizations thrive as part of a collaborative and intrapreneurial community of partners and experts. Together we can foster people to act and behave as its their money and their company. 

Who We Seek

For our expansion in the US market, we seek exceptional executive-level business partners who believe in the power of bringing together a diverse mix of seasoned professionals. This is a true opportunity to leverage and monetize your expertise by creating something new, respectable, and durable for client organizations in the US and in an international business setting. As a partner, you have a great passion to sell and deliver high-touch business-research and design consulting, cutting-edge leadership training, and top-of-the-range talent assessment and sourcing. Our business partners get certified and gain access to an international network of executives, consultants, and academics.  

What You’ll Do

As a partner, you will help business owners, executives, and directors of knowledge-intensive companies to adopt a high-performance-driven culture, where business success stems from making people and customers shine. You will advance business design and leadership that generates sustainable growth and wellbeing for people, corporations, institutions, and societies.

What You Need

  • Exceptional presence, business acumen, and leadership capabilities are of great essence. 
  • Previous relevant executive and/or entrepreneurial experience is a plus when working with senior executives seeking strategic, talent, and customer centric solutions. 
  • Alternatively, previous consulting and/or faculty of practice experience is a plus, especially when it comes to advanced listening skills and the ability to create and deliver comprehensive solutions to carefully verified problems. 
  • Subject matter executive-level experience related to strategy, innovation, intrapreneurship, human resources, customer relationships, solutions, operations, and/or business transformation. 
  • Sales experience with emphasis on consulting, training, and talent development, and recruitment services. 
  • Passion for business development and expansion of regional and international business networks. An existing client network is highly valued, along with strong references and a professional network in general. 
  • Experience in advancing business innovation and leadership that generates sustainable growth and wellbeing. 
  • Your secret superpowers to further strengthen our expert network. 

Who We Are

As a Boston based consulting company with a creative and active business mindset, we are driven by the power of bringing together a diverse mix of seasoned business professionals to create new, respectable, and durable business solutions for our clients and their stakeholders. This is why at Leadx3m, every client assignment commences from thoroughly understanding the client culture, context, and vision. We specialize in fostering creative and active, ie creactive leadership through research-driven business design, leadership development, and talent sourcing. Our diverse network of over 40 industry experts consult knowledge-based businesses and institutions. We are currently expanding our business with clients and partners headquartered in Northern America and Europe. Our expansion builds on frameworks and digital solutions developed by us at Leadx3m and Master International. This is a partnership role, not a W-2 employee position. 

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