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Leadx3m is the strategic partner of Master International in North-America, a leading international provider of data-driven talent management tools, used by leading international companies across industries around the world. A strong talent recruitment and development focus reduce cost and risk, while increasing efficiency and building a people centric culture in the organization. Here are some familiar companies using our assesments in their recruitment and talent development: 

Recruiter, Boss, HR-Consultant - Master Online Tests help you succeed

People and culture are the super powers of business. Our recruitment solutions help you identify competences, behaviors, and attitudes that may otherwise go unnoticed. The modern online-tests ensure you recruit more objectively, improve the candidate experience, and contribute directly to the intermediate and longterm success of your organization. We can help reduce your staff turnover, significantly increase the likelihood that you recruit the right people, and reduce costs from wrong recruits in general. Our test solutions are suitable for executive, sales, specialist, and customer service recruitment processes also on scale. Personality and cognitive testing can easily be combined for criteria, effective processing, and analysis.  

Foster Your Leadership Capabilties, Onboard New Talent, and Build a Strong Team   

We are your partner in developing leaders, teams and individuals. We also help you lead people and improve diversity in your organization. Our solutions identify strengths and improvement areas in your teams and employees, and everything derives from individual communication and motivation styles. We refer often to Ofman (2004) when discussing the core qualities and opportunities for individual development, as described in the model below. 

Figure 1: Adapted model of Ofman’s Core Quadrant®

A core quality is the strength in a person. It is the qualities and abilities you have, when engaging in different situations and activities. These are often natural qualities, that both you and others see as positive sides and define how you see yourself. An example could be, that you see yourself as punctual.

A pitfall is when the core quality becomes a weakness. This happens when the quality becomes too much and exaggerated. This is a negative side of yourself and has a negative effect on the environment surrounding the person. An example could be, when the punctuality becomes pushy and perfectionistic.

A challenge is the positive opposite of the pitfall, that can strengthen and complement your core quality. You can work with your challenges, and they can help you to have alternative strategies of behaviour. This can create more balance and more nuances in your behaviour. An example could be to learn to postpone and leave things as they are.

An allergy is the direct opposite of your core quality. Just like the pitfall is exposed when the core quality is exaggerated, your allergy is activated, when your challenge is being exemplified too far. In this case the core quality deteriorates into the allergy. The allergy can also be exposed when you are confronted with your own challenge in others. An example could be, when the postponement takes form as laziness and being disorganised.

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